CD Disk

For those who don't want to download all of the files below or have a slow Internet connection, you may also purchase a CD containing the latest snapshot of YAAF. This CD is available from Cafe Press, and can be purchased from here.


The current version of YAAF is 1.1a8. This version was built with Metrowerks CodeWarrior Pro v9.1, the latest version from Metrowerks. This version of YAAF can build applications for MacOS 7.5 through MacOS X 10.3. The source kit also contains project files for Metrowerks CodeWarrior Pro 6 and the 68K, and can be used to build versions of YAAF on the Macintosh going back to MacOS 5. I'm currently working on distributions for Microsoft Windows and Unix.

In order to uncompress, you will need StuffIt Expander.

Download yaaf_1_1a8.bin (http, 8.1 Mb, Macintosh)
Download (http, 8.7 Mb, Windows)
(Unix version coming soon)

Also available is the previous version of YAAF which was distributed fully for Windows and Unix. This version, YAAF v1.0a9, contains all the files needed to build YAAF with Metrowerks CodeWarrior, Microsoft Windows, and with GCC on Linux under RedHat.

Download yaaf_1_0a9.hqx (http, 1.3Mb, Macintosh)
Download yaaf_1_0a9.tar.gz (http, 792Kb, Unix)
Download (http, 1.0Mb, Windows)


You can also download YAAF on the bleeding edge using CVS. Note that the CVS server is behind a 128Kb/sec DSL connection, and so can be quite slow. Your best bet is to get the latest source snapshot (above), download the needed files for CVS, then perform an update.

Note that the encoding standards used on does not conform to the encoding standards used with the MWCVS plugin that comes with Metrowerks Codewarrior. Instead, you will need to download MacCVS. Once you have MacCVS installed, download the setting files for CVS.

Download yaaf.cvs (http, 24k, Macintosh)

To use CVS on Windows or Unix, you should use the following commands. Note that you should first download the archive above before attempting to do a checkout or update, in order to minimize traffic across the Internet.

$ cvs -d login
CVS password: anoncvs
$ cvs -d update yaaf


Prebuilt Applications

Within the YAAF source kit are several pre-built sample applications. Some of those applications are useful in their own right and can be downloaded separately from here.

Download footcalc.hqx (http, 328k, Macintosh) — Calculator application which handles foot/inch calculations.
Download ImageBrowser.bin (http, 120k, Macintosh) — A simple image browser application.
Download XMan.bin (http, 136k, Macintosh) — A simple Unix man page browser for MacOS X.

(Why aren't there Windows or Unix versions of the above programs? Even with a tool such as YAAF, it takes time to build the resources necessary to build an application for another platform. Hopefully shortly I will be building a cross-platform version of the Foot Calculator and the Image Browser. The XMan application is a little more difficult in that it makes use of the Unix 'man' application as well as some Unix-specific commands, in order to port this to Windows.)