YAAF Documentation

There are currently two books available which cover writing software with YAAF.

YAAF Development

The book "YAAF Development" is a 400 page book which covers development with the YAAF Core library, as well as developing cross-platform GUI applications and cross-platform faceless background applications (daemon applications). The book is now available on our CafePress web site. This book superceeds the previous edition (which did not cover many of the newer features of 1.1a8 of YAAF).

YAAF: The Other Libraries

The book "YAAF: The Other Libraries" is a 140 page supplimental book which covers the other YAAF libraries introduced since v1.1a3: the YAAF Mail library, the YAAF HTTP library, and the YAAF Astronomy library. With these libraries you can create a mail program, a mail server, or create a servlet-driven web server using embedded C++ servlets for your background daemon application. This book covers new material not previously documented anywhere.


The previous version of the YAAF Documentation was written against v1.1a3. The document requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. This document is also contained in the main archive of YAAF, downloadable from the download page or on the YAAF CD.

Download YAAFDevelopment_2.pdf (http, 2.1 Mb)